AW23 - Production Notes


Today we’re launching the first official Cease collection worldwide. This collection features four hooded sweatshirts, four sweatpants, a jacket and three T-shirts.

The foundation of Cease will always be our Made in USA fleece. However, for this season we chose to introduce our first outerwear piece. This jacket was designed and based around a vintage climbing belay jacket, which we feel is one of the most iconic outerwear silhouettes created. Our spin on it was to make it reversible and update the pocket construction to our liking. One side of the jacket features a double quilted Cease hyphae logo pattern which gives a blur effect when viewed from afar, but also appears as a quilted pattern when seen up close.

This Autumn/Winter fleece offering consists of four colors: Orange, Grey, Black and Natural. These will always be staple Cease dye standards for fleece as we continue to develop and produce different colors. When developing this program for Cease we drove to the Southern States to visit with our fabric suppliers and sewers. We learnt a lot from these interactions as these people have been in the business of producing apparel and textiles in the USA for the last fifty years. They have many production stories to tell, working in the heyday of apparel manufacturing for big American sportswear brands and describing how smaller niche brands like ourselves keep them busy now. We wanted to see everything in person to understand the process and to develop real relationships with the people that make our goods, every step of the way. We felt it was important to see samples in person and speak with sewers because this fabric is notorious for its higher shrinkage upon first wash and difficulty to sew due to its thickness. Our fabric is essentially a "beefed up" version of the original Champion Reverse Weave from the 1960s. This is what we were told was the initial DNA of the fabric by our Knit and Dye manufacturer. We were curious to learn whether certain dye colours would affect shrinkage too. Seeing every step in the dyeing to finishing process -  all done under one roof - was interesting to see. A stand out was watching the fabric get napped on this huge napping machine which is what gives our fleece it’s extremely soft and fluffy feel when on body.

Every part of Cease products are considered and we avoid short cuts in cost if they compromise the design. For example, our drawcord is knit in one place, sent to a separate dye house from our fleece, swatches from our fleece dye house are then sent to the drawcord dye house and are dyed to match the fleece and then sent to our sewer.  This all happens in different states. It’s a more complicated process producing goods in USA, where there is far less infrastructure than one may find producing with a fully vertical supplier overseas. For us, we want to know where every component comes from on our fleece garments. From Cotton to Yarn to Knit to Dye to Sew.

We spent time for this release to develop packaging that doubles as a 2-in-1 shipping mailer and garment packaging. It is made of unbleached kraft paper to make for ease of disposal and added durability. The packaging is Made in the USA by a bag company that often works in the industrial and farming industry. They have been producing bags for these industries since the 1940s.

We look to the past and lean into traditional forms of domestic manufacturing in all facets of product to build Cease and will always continue to do so in the future.